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Smells like the yellow puff flower balls on the Acacia tree. A great scent for Spring and Summer. Aroma therapy benefit. Cleansing, purifying, centering, meditative.
Smells like Almond extract. A nutty almond, scent. Wonderful and light. Aroma therapy benefit. Anchoring, and strengthening.
A manly light floral scent. Very nice scent. Aroma therapy benefit. Soothing, cleansing, and consoling.
Smells like fresh mown hay. Green, and very clean, a very light floral note. Aroma therapy benefits: Calming, relaxing, soothing.
Amberwood is a very unique fragrance. It is very provocative, sensual, and very pleasing to both men and women. Amberwood has a musk, sandalwood, and amber type fragrance that is very well balanced ,it somewhat reminds you of the the classic men's type cologne from Royal Copenhagen.
Light masculine perfume scent. Smells very good. Aroma therapy benefits: Sensual, romantic, soothing.
7.Angle Type
ust like Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Created By The Design House Of Thierry Mugler In 1992, Angel Is Classified As A Refreshing, Oriental, Woody Fragrance with notes of vanilla,sandalwood, and patchouli. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.
Licorice scent. An all time favorite of Licorice lovers. Aroma therapy benefits: Cheering, sense - enhancing, mildly euphoric.
Smells like fresh ripe Apricots. Mouth watering. Great Spring and Summer scent.
Sweet, and mouth watering. Just like the real thing.
11.Apple Blossom
The scent of an Apple orchard in full bloom. A very wonderful scent for Spring, and Summer. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, cleansing, anchoring.
12.Apple and Oak
A woodsy Apple scent. Apple scent yet, the woodsy note calms it down to give a very nice all around scent. A wonderful scent for all year round. Aroma therapy benefits: Calming, cleansing, soothing.
Smell's just like fresh ripe Avocados. This is a very refreshing scent, it is great in Spring, and Summer.
14.Baby Powder
Fresh, clean, soft powdery scent. Like you just powered a baby's bottom.
15.Balsam Fir
Fresh cut Christmas Tree scent. Great for Holidays or just the fresh, clean, natural pine scent you love for every day use. Aroma therapy benefits: Anchoring, and strengthening.
The scent of fresh ripe Bananas. A very nice scent.
17.Banana Cream
Banana, and fresh Cream scent with a hint of Vanilla. Like Banana Cream Pie with out the crust. Very yummy.
Fresh cut herb scent. Very nice for all year round, great as a Fall scent where you are tired of the citrus and floral. Aroma therapy benefits: Clarifying, uplifting, strengthening, and refreshing.
19. Bayberry
A fruity, spicy, floral, woodsy combination scent. Great for the Holidays, and a great Fall scent. Aroma therapy benefits: Warming, rejuvenating, strengthening, cleansing, purifying.
20.Beautiful Type
(Woman's type Perfume) a woody, powdery, floral scent, Romantic, a real pleaser.
A sweet citrus like aroma. Great for getting rid of odors. Aroma therapy benefits: Uplifting, normalizing, confidence - building.
22. Blackberry
The smell of fresh picked Blackberries that will make your mouth water. Aroma therapy benefits: Strengthening, purifying, centering, cleansing.
23.Black Cherry
A mouth watering strong Cherry scent that lingers. Great for all year round. Aroma therapy benefits: Romantic, purifying, cleansing.
24.Black Currant
A unique scent, remarkable aroma. Hard to describe, but extremely pleasing. A great scent for the Holidays, or year round.
The soothing fragrance of walking through a bluebell forest in England. Similar to Dutch hyacinths but sweeter and lighter.
The scent of fresh, mouth watering, plump, juicy, ripe Blueberries. Great Spring and Summer Scent.
27. Blueberry Cobbler
The scent of baked graham cracker crust filled with sweet Blueberries and spices. Very yummy scent.
A soft floral balanced with a touch of green herbal. A real nice scent. This scent is very popular Spring-Fall.
29.Bounce Type
Smells just like the fabric softener sheet, a clean fresh scent.
The smell of fresh baked Bread right out of the oven. It will warm you up on a damp cool day. Very popular Fall-Winter.
31.Blubble Gum
Kids of all ages love this scent; it smells like just like Bazooka. A very popular children's scent.
32.C-K Type
Duplication of Calvin Kline's cologne.
33.Cool Water Type
A duplication of a designer cologne.
aromatic stimulant very calming, relaxing and pleasing to the mind, which relaxes nerves and thus calms. A small hint of lemon yet very sweet almost a light musk type. Very peculiar but very pleasant smell. A must try for relaxing qualities.
The scent of fresh juicy Cantaloupe in the peak of season. Cool, refreshing, Spring, and Summer scent.
Mixtures of odoriferous substances and mixtures based on one or more of these substances,of a kind used as rew materials industry (excl.the food and drink industries and alcoholic solutions) Our products do not contain alcohol and cannot be considered as perfume and toilet waters.
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